When thinking about the top ecommerce sites in Europe and online shopping in general, it is easy to assume that the biggest ecommerce platforms in Europe are those that have swept over the rest of the world. We are of course referring to the online giants that are Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

However, the truth is that this continent has an astounding degree of turnover simply from within its borderlines. You would be surprised to learn that many of the top ecommerce sites in Europe are born and bred within the continent.

Ecommerce platforms in Europe

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has exacerbated and accelerated the expansion of many top ecommerce sites in Europe. Nevertheless, ecommerce platforms in Europe were already experiencing quite a steady and swift growth before that, and they very much continue to do so.

Last year, 73% of the EU-27’s population took part in online shopping, which accounts for a 5% increase compared to the year before that. 

The majority of the use for top ecommerce sites in Europe is concentrated in Central and Northern Europe. Particularly in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany, with shoppers of ecommerce platforms in Europe in these countries ranging from 87% to 92% of the population. 

Top ecommerce sites in Europe


What a surprise!…Not. With its headquarters in Europe, unsurprisingly Amazon takes the first spot in the top ecommerce sites in Europe. No David has been able to knock off this Goliath from its place atop the podium of ecommerce platforms in Europe.


This German online retailer in the Fashion and Lifestyle sector has taken the world of top ecommerce sites in Europe by storm and completely demolished it. Thanks to its broad range of products and outstanding logistics infrastructure, Otto has become not only one of the top ecommerce websites in Europe, but an incredibly successful online retailer around the world. 

It is present in over 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Seeing as the company grew by a staggering 30% from 2019 to 2020, one can see why Otto hold the silver medal of top ecommerce sites in Europe.

John Lewis

This high-end department store in Britain has earned both the trust, and the wallets, of its customers. Its carefully crafted strategy is an example that any and all ecommerce platforms in Europe should follow. John Lewis has made sure to integrate its online and offline sales knowledge into its plan of action in order to become one of the top ecommerce websites in Europe. The high-end department store also makes a point of taking great care of its customers, as 10% of them make up 40% of their revenue.

Its customer-first policy and expert integration of technology into its sales analysis, has won John Lewis the bronze of top ecommerce sites in Europe.


Are you as surprised as us to find out that the tech giant ‘Apple’ didn’t make it to the podium of top ecommerce sites in Europe? We know we were! Nonetheless, many ecommerce platforms in Europe would die for fourth place on this list!


Germany for the win once again! In fifth place of our top ecommerce sites in Europe, we have the winner among online fashion platforms in Europe, Zalando.


The UK was one of the first to experience the popularization of online supermarket shops, as such, it comes as no surprise to see Tesco in the top ten of top ecommerce sites in Europe.


This French cooperative society and hypermarket chain startled us when we saw it take seventh place among the top ecommerce sites in Europe. This is a prime example of the supreme success a European brand can have among native sellers, while remaining subtly unknown compared to other top ecommerce websites in Europe.

Metro Group

This German holding company has its hand in countless pots in the retail and wholesale industry. It’s precisely its integral influence within these areas of Germany’s online economy, that has landed Metro Group on our list of top ecommerce sites in Europe.

Shop Direct / The Very Group

Previously known as Shop Direct, and recently rebranded The Very Group, is a UK-based online retailer and financial services provider. Back in 2005, struggling companies Littlewood and Shop Direct merged, and have since transformed into an exclusively online retailer that continues to proliferate as one of the top ecommerce sites in Europe. 

Marks & Spencer

With the UK leading the charge as the country with the highest usage of top ecommerce sites in Europe, one can imagine why we have yet another British company in our list of ten top ecommerce sites in Europe. Selling anything from home products to food products, Marks&Spencers positions itself as one of the UK’s most trusted retail. For many, few retailers offer the quality found in one of the top ecommerce sites in Europe. 

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