Now, you’ve already got quite some visitors landing on your website thanks to all your SEO efforts, but how many of those actually convert on their first visit? If your website is like most websites out there, that would probably be less than 5%. But hey, no worries. That doesn’t mean that all the efforts have been in vain. On the contrary, the visitors that don’t convert the first visit, might just come back to your site. So, why don’t you make their decision just a little bit easier for them by using retargeting? There are many reasons to implement a retargeting campaign and there is lots of information involved in the process of doing so. We’ll explain some of the tips and strategies you can use to create successful retargeting campaigns.

How does remarketing work?

Basically, remarketing (or retargeting) is a way of getting previous visitors to return to your site and try to make them finish what they started. When a visitor is going through your site, the visitor will be automatically added to a remarketing list. For whatever reason though, the same visitor decided to leave your website to browse somewhere else on the net. He or she could be comparing your offer with others, checking all the latest on Facebook or Twitter, or even be watching a Youtube video. Either way, once visitors are added to your remarketing list, you can present them with matching ads including special offers on the product or service that was viewed previously. And the best thing about it that it’s even possible if the visitor is browsing through a completely different website.

5 remarketing tips to get you started

The options to applicate a remarketing campaign are quite frankly endless. It’s up to the digital marketer to think about which message makes sense and, thus, decide which kind of remarketing lists need to be created in order to reel those prospects back in there. As we don’t want you to forget this important lesson, we’ll keep on stalking you for now. We will do so by giving you 5 useful tips.

1. Know your goals

Before starting anything involving online marketing it is important that you know exactly what you’re trying to do. This also holds for your remarketing campaign. If you’re trying to boost  conversions, you might want to make sure that your checkout process is as smooth as silk. If you’re just trying to drive lead gen, then ensure you collect all the information you need. Or maybe you want to use your retargeting ads just as a reminder, as your main goal is all about brand awareness. Retargeting can be used for a different set of goals. It’s just making sure you really know what your goals are and structuring the campaign to meet those goals.

2. Pick the right moment

Timing is crucial in the fast-paced digital world. Are you aiming for a conversion boost over the holidays? Then you will need to strike at the right moment. Or do you want to send the online visitor over to your physical shop in the city centre? Then you might want to avoid advertisements after business hours. At the end, the best outcome of the campaign would be that the revisitor converts immediately.

3. Don’t pester visitors

Retargeting is a heck of a tool for engaging with interested visitors, but don’t forget to put yourself in their perspective. You browse on the internet as well. What do you feel when you’re harassed with the same ad over and over again? Or even on the radio or on TV? Chances are, you hate it as much as we do. So does your advertising audience. Luckily, it’s possible to avoid overexposure by changing the campaign duration and frequency settings. The campaign duration is how long your ad will continue following each visitor. With frequency, you can set how many times a visitor sees your retargeting ad during a predefined period of time. Don’t be creepy.

4. Make campaigns personal

Is your campaign about boosting sales? Then it’s important you show a specific, personal message to the visitor. Do this by avoiding overuse of the same ad and create multiple versions of the advertisement. Also, a common best practice in retargeting is to remove your already converted customers from the remarketing list. So, if a visitor turns out to have downloaded your whitepaper or has made a purchase, you would no longer need to chase ‘m down.

5. Be patient and keep on testing

Our fifth and final advice is to be patient and continue testing. Remarketing is surely more of a marathon than a 100-meter race. Once it’s set up, you’re probably pretty excited, but you might turn out a little disheartened once the new conversions drip in very slowly. Be aware; remarketing needs time. Once the campaign is up and running, you’re reapproaching the same set of visitors over and over again. That way, you’re reinforcing your products or services, your brand, your offers. The longer your retargeting campaign is out there, the more successful it’ll be.

That doesn’t imply though that you need to set it up once and forget about it afterwards. You need to keep on evaluating and keep on testing. Test different offers, landing pages, colours, fonts, and continue to do so. A good thing is that those tests are pretty easy to carry out. Ideally, you want to end up at the same level as your target audience. But before you get at that point, you will need to know who they really are. Because at the end, a successful remarketing campaign is all about rehearsal.

More information?

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to get in touch with our online marketing team to learn more about remarketing, feel free to let us know. Don’t be a stranger.

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