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MeteoGroup is an authority in the weather data field, delivering accurate data to news channels and the shipping industry. MeteoGroup wanted to reroute from delivering customisation to ready-to-use weather data products. As their team lacked digital marketing expertise, they asked Whello to help them design and implement their strategy. So we did!

Together with MeteoGroup, we defined their marketing strategy, target audience, customer journey and the right channels to get their brand out there.

This project in brief
  • Funnel strategy with new landing pages
  • B2B campaigns: Google and LinkedIn ads 
  • Remarketing with video and banners
  • Customised dashboard with campaign data 
  • More about MeteoGroup
  • More about B2B Marketing

The process

As an agency, Whello stands for co-creation. We kicked off the project with a joint concept session with the MeteoGroup team, where we learned about the company’s products, target audiences and goals. We discussed the opportunities we saw, and how we’d approach the project by first creating a foundation we could later build on.

Whello Opdracht

Group brainstorming

Whello Strategie Concept

Strategy & Concepting

processes creation

Ad creation

ab test

Live & A/B testing

whello processes


The challenge

MeteoGroup’s target audiences are in the B2B niche: specific companies – and decision-makers within companies – that need accurate weather data.

For this project, the challenge lay in reaching those parties and making them aware of MeteoGroup’s products.

MeteoGroup-Cases-Marketingstrategie en webdesign
case displays

The approach

To effectively reach MeteoGroup’s target audience, Step 1 was setting up a unique marketing strategy that would differentiate MeteoGroup from the competition. Step 2 was honing in on MeteoGroup’s target audience using customer journey mapping. We then developed a landing page for each target audience, filled with relevant content. At every stage, the Whello team worked closely with MeteoGroup.

By deploying Google and LinkedIn ads, we increased reach and conversions across the landing pages. Visitors that took a peek at one of the landing pages without bringing in conversions were also retargeted with a new campaign, which drove many more conversions within this group.

The results

Testing, optimising, testing, optimising. During the campaign, we used different calls-to-action, such as downloading certain whitepapers, requesting product demos and signing up for webinars.

Applying function-targeting and specific keywords within our Google Ads campaigns was our golden ticket. This tactic increased organic visitors by 54% with an average of 40 sign-ups per webinar. The number of motivated buyers on the website also went up 30%!

more organic visitors

sign-ups per webinar

more SQLs

Landing pages per industry

case meteogroup
Rehan Ahmed-Cases-Marketingstrategie-Webdesign-MeteoGroup

Rehan Ahmed
Marketeer at MeteoGroup

“Subject matter experts in digital marketing with a friendly team to help you all the way. We loved working with them and we are really happy with the results!”

Marketing strategist Nasser

Nasser al Kamouchi
Marketing Strategist at Whello

“Reaching MeteoGroup’s B2B niche was a fun challenge. We managed to accurately map out their customers and reach them through the right networks. All in all, a nice cooperation with beautiful results!”

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The main quality of Whello is that they are able to provide high quality services on a personal, informal level that is close to the customer. Communication is quick and there’s a lot of knowledge in the team. To me Whello is a trustworthy company for online marketing services and web design that I would highly recommend.

Carlies Mol

Passionate people that are very involved and create great advertising campaigns.

TradeIt gg

Whello have a fantastic team and delivered great results for us. Highly recommended !

Doug Neuhofer

Having successfully completed the set up phase, we would like to thank you for your professional behavior and great communication. We look forward to the continuation of this promising partnership!


Experienced people who are able to deliver great quality. Very pleased to be working with whello.

Maaike - Tandarts Jordaan

Working together with Whello to achieve our digital and automation goals is a great thing - dedicated, knowledgable, professional and up-to-date to the digital best practices.

Top Employers Institute

A smart, talented and friendly company providing top quality, focused service.

Brenda de Jong - The English Center

It's a pleasure working with really professional and competent people. SEO results we have achieved thanks to Whello are amazing!

Luca Bagnaschino

Great Amsterdam based advertising agency with a lot of in-house experience and smart + friendly staff.

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