Branding and positioning from
catering to drinks packages

At the start of this project, we quickly realised that Whello and NaVijfen had a shared passion: having a drink with colleagues. Sadly, the pandemic made having a drink in person impossible.

To continue sharing their passion with as many people as possible, NaVijfen created unique drinks packages with carefully selected products from around the globe.

Whello implemented a combination of branding, web development and digital marketing which effectively grew the brand online. Now, NaVijfen is supplying hundreds of people with beautiful drinks packages.

This project in brief

The process

At Whello, we believe in co-creation. We worked closely with NaVijfen’s marketeers, holding joint concept sessions to co-create the NaVijfen concept and develop the right branding.

We divided the project into multiple milestones, which we had the privilege of completing with the NaVijfen team.


Our 5 steps from concept to reality:
Whello Opdracht

Proposition & branding

Whello Strategie Concept

MVP website

keyword research

Marketing & experiments

ab test

Revision of proposition

whello processes

Scaling up 🙂

The challenge

The biggest challenge was creating a fitting way to make NaVijfen’s unique packages orderable. How many people were they being ordered for? Was there a demand for weekly packages, or perhaps monthly? These were all questions and ideas that we tested together with NaVijfen.

NaVijfen had just got things up and running when the next issue arose. All of a sudden, they were no longer able to send the packages to groups working at the office, but had to send them to individual people working from home.

our specialists
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The approach

To make NaVijfen as accessible as possible, we developed a webshop where the packages could be ordered one-off or through a subscription. That way, customers could easily decide when – and with how many people – they’d like to have a drink.

When the website launched, we started with a small-scale marketing campaign to collect as much data and information on user experiences as possible, to better optimise NaVijfen’s campaign as a whole. We then continuously tweaked the site, while scaling up with a diverse range of online campaigns.

By continuously testing and developing both their product offer and pricing strategy, NaVijfen actually managed to attract more customers during the Covid pandemic. A video call drink package delivered directly to employees at home turned out to be a bullseye shot!

The results

The moment we knew we were on the right track was when we had to delay new orders because NaVijfen were running out of stock! That’s a luxury problem that we love to see at Whello.

NaVijfen successfully launched within a short timeframe, and is now still delivering packages to B2B and B2C customers. We managed to turn the unavoidable negative effects of the Covid pandemic into a unique window of opportunity that made the company’s launch even more successful (tripled turnover within one year).

Turnover within one year

Optimized for conversion

case responsive mockup

Patrick Beersen
Owner at NaVijfen

“The nice thing about Whello compared to other parties is that they put effort into thinking with you and making good suggestions. They have a personal way of working and have all kinds of expertise working under one roof. This way, everybody is doing something they are good at.”


Serge de Sousa
Marketing Strategist at Whello

“It’s always fun to start a brand from scratch. It’s even more fun if we have to tone things down a bit to make sure there’s still stock left to sell!”

Our clients rate us with:

4.9 / 5

Hear from our happy clients


The main quality of Whello is that they are able to provide high quality services on a personal, informal level that is close to the customer. Communication is quick and there’s a lot of knowledge in the team. To me Whello is a trustworthy company for online marketing services and web design that I would highly recommend.

Carlies Mol

Passionate people that are very involved and create great advertising campaigns.

TradeIt gg

Whello have a fantastic team and delivered great results for us. Highly recommended !

Doug Neuhofer

Having successfully completed the set up phase, we would like to thank you for your professional behavior and great communication. We look forward to the continuation of this promising partnership!


Experienced people who are able to deliver great quality. Very pleased to be working with whello.

Maaike - Tandarts Jordaan

Working together with Whello to achieve our digital and automation goals is a great thing - dedicated, knowledgable, professional and up-to-date to the digital best practices.

Top Employers Institute

A smart, talented and friendly company providing top quality, focused service.

Brenda de Jong - The English Center

It's a pleasure working with really professional and competent people. SEO results we have achieved thanks to Whello are amazing!

Luca Bagnaschino

Great Amsterdam based advertising agency with a lot of in-house experience and smart + friendly staff.

Leks Betlem