Whello Press Release: Always Start with “The Why”

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AMSTERDAM – The online marketing agency IntroMarketeers headquartered at the Rokin in Amsterdam, has changed its identity as of 1 March 2016 to Whello. The agency is going to depart from the “first approach techniques” whereby the tools determine the goals. Whello aims to focus on personalized techniques that match the core business of their clients. This is what they call “The Why”.

In 2012, IntroMarketeers was founded by Serge de Sousa and Nasser al Kamouchi. These two online marketing fanatics soon learned that clients had bad experiences with agencies that applied techniques without looking at the core of a business and therefore were unable to realize the maximum potential of their clients.  This led to campaigns with poor results.

“We see a client’s company as a part of ourselves that we want we nurture and grow to become successful. Precisely because we are so personally involved, are so immersed in the heart of the company, we are able to make it better than the rest and discover its primary purpose. With our technical background, we see beyond the marketing tactics. This way, we can optimize the websites and campaigns to be geared towards the what real target audience is looking for and wants to see,” says Serge.

With Whello, the agency strives to endow their online campaigns with a more substantial idea of what the company’s true heart and soul is. This makes for a personalized, custom marketing campaign that presents the core identity of a brand.

Besides transforming its vision and approach, Whello also offers extra tools. These will enable free analyses to be carried out to gain insight into which aspects the client scores well on and where there is room for improvement.