What can you expect from a SEO agency?

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Being found by search engines it the best path to success for any company. Especially being found among the natural search results is interesting, seeing how this generates a steady, cost-free stream of visitors to your site.  Being found with the right terms requires a comprehensive plan of approach. Listed below you will find the general working method you can expect most SEO agencies to employ.

Step 1 (Technical) SEO Advice

Is your website being accurately read by the Google spider? Which pages should be found and which ones are best not found? If the technical aspect of your SEO is not well-organized, all the other work activities will have less effect. A good SEO agency will provide the proper foundation.

You can expect to receive the following advice from your SEO agency:

  1. Search word analysis – a search for the right, relevant search words
    2. Analysis of the competition: how do your best competitors score?
    3. SEO advice- detailing technical and site structure improvements

Step 2 Content Strategy

SEO begins with the content of your website. It must be clear for search engines which subjects are directly correlated to the website as Google is constantly trying to define your pages. So, what do you want to be found on? Is that achievable and what needs to be done?

You can expect these aspects to be covered:

  1. Content briefing: how the texts should be written using the selected key words.
    2. On-page optimization: the current pages are optimized for Google.
    3. Copywriting: a good SEO agency can create and supply well-written SEO texts.

Step 3 Link Building Strategy

Search engines use external links to your website as a gauge for measuring the popularity of your site. The quantity and quality of your external links also play a part in determining your ranking among the search results. Relevant links of renowned websites can push your ranking up and so will your browsing visitors totals.

What this entails for you:

  1. Analysis of the competition – which links do your best-performing competitors have?
    2. Link advice – how to provide links to your website in your own network
    3. Link building- your SEO agency builds new, quality links that are highly relevant

There you have a short summary of what you may expect from an SEO process. Don’t accept anything less and be sure you are being provided with the finest services. After all, you are paying for it and at the end of the day you want to find yourself amongst the very top of the Google search results!

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