5 reasons why online marketing has become so important for companies

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With all kinds of changes and evolutions going on in the world of modern technologies, small and medium-sized companies are trying their best to keep up with their competitors. Even old fashioned companies have started to acknowledge the importance of digital marketing strategies and are slowly moving away from their stubborn business model. Business is happening online and it’s hard to be left behind.

While every type of marketing needs to produce measurable results, online marketing is known to be leading in terms of measurable and real-time results. You name it: click-through rates, bounce percentages, it’s hard to get more specific than when we’re talking online marketing. No wonder online marketing has been adopted by pretty much every self-respecting business out there. And since we’re trying to get specific today, we’re here to give you 5 reasons advocating for the importance of digital marketing.

Online marketing levels the playing field

Fortunately, the time that online marketing campaigns were only meant for large companies and multinationals is over. Thanks to the accessibility of online marketing, small and medium-sized companies are getting in line to compete against the big boys. And why shouldn’t they give it a try? Today small companies can get in front of clients without breaking the bank. In fact, effective online marketing is also carried out by small businesses. Marketing a company has become easier than ever before.

More interaction with the target group

One of the reasons why online marketing is rapidly taking over the traditional marketing channels is its power to communicate with a target audience, even in a real-time setting. Marketing is all about interaction and that means you’ll need to be where your target group can be found: online. Thanks to social media like Facebook, connecting with your customers has become fun and instant. Just think of the fact that simple posts by random Facebook users can create an online buzz, well, just because they can. And if regular users can create a buzz, so can you. So why not consider a live Q&A webinar, or a fun online office tour giving your followers the chance to actually meet you online? Although all of this might have seemed a pretty big challenge some years ago, things have actually loosened up over the years. And it’s all thanks to recent online developments.

Reach your customer anywhere and at any time

Although we have lost track of the statistics showing the importance of smartphone usage in online marketing, they all show the same thing: we can’t miss out on mobile users. The shifting online behaviour amongst consumers has completely changed the playing field for online marketers: we’re able to reserve our flights online just as much as we’re able to buy our favourite trousers on the internet. Online shopping has changed and that clearly also holds for online advertisements. Modern online marketing campaigns have been adapted to the smartphone usage not only in terms of screen size but also in terms of subtitles, shorter videos and visually appealing content. Online marketing is changing fast and always adapting to the user. If that means you need to go mobile, then you better go mobile.

Building trust online is easier than ever

Social media are meant to tell your company’s story and to show what you’re all about. While doing so, your followers are also able to take part in your story and tell you what they think about what’s going on. Followers are able to share their opinions and experiences about products, brands and companies and it’s your key task to make sure people like what they’re seeing. If you’re able to score points on likeability, you can actually make your social media account one of your most powerful online assets. In order to do so, you will need to gain trust and connect with your target audience by valuing both openness and interaction. Luckily social media do their part to help you build trust with your customers. Talking about the importance of online marketing.

Fast conversion happens online

Online marketing is not there to force people, but it’s exclusively meant to subtly move people in the right direction. This however also means that online marketing is trying to make sure people convert. One of the most important target groups in terms of conversion can be found on their smartphones. As mobile users are known to show intention or interest, it is important to benefit from this type of consumer behaviour. Consequently, online marketers are becoming more successful every day integrating call-to-actions especially meant for mobile users. Icons, buttons, colours, images, even payment methods like iDEAL or Paypal have been adapted in such a way they facilitate online conversion. Isn’t it just fascinating to see how online marketing works?