Online Marketing Tips

We love to share Online Marketing tips and tricks with you! On our blog you will frequently find handy guides to improve the visibility of your website and keep it scoring high on Google! Through our blog you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest trends and developments!

5 reasons why online marketing has become so important for companies

With all kinds of changes and evolutions going on in the world of modern technologies, small and medium-sized companies are trying their best to keep up with their competitors. Even old fashioned companies have started to acknowledge the importance of digital marketing strategies and are slowly moving away from their stubborn business model. Business is... Read more »

4 steps for an effective Facebook marketing campaign

Many advertisers come up with Facebook ads hoping the social media giant will do the rest for them. Although creating a marketing campaign always involves trying to find the right balance, it’s a waste of time and money to launch ads without any sort of strategy. For an effective Facebook campaign, you will need to... Read more »

What is Google Shopping and how does it work?

Even if you wanted to, you can't ignore it anymore, because in just about every search they appear on the top of your search result page: Google Shopping ads. In fact, they are even placed before the normal search results and are even fully equipped with a product image, title and the name of the... Read more »

What is SEO and how does it work?

What is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a technical name for all processes that affect the online visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid results. The main objective of SEO is to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic results. Many companies that operate online... Read more »

3 remarketing strategies

Marketing involves many back and forth interactions until a final match is made. Quite often, online marketers will need to put a little more effort into it as they know the visitor is already interested, but somewhat hesitant to let them know. What online marketers want to know in the next contact moments is whether... Read more »

5 tips for a mobile optimised website

Any online marketer wanting to engage people, will need to pay as much attention to desktop users as to mobile users. Google shares this same idea and already prioritises mobile friendly websites over non mobile friendly websites when listing search results. Having a mobile optimised website can make your company stand out. Let’s have a... Read more »