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Competition is fierce in retail, both in physical shops as well as for those selling online. Many companies know they need to do both, to accommodate their customer’s requirements.

Ecommerce continues to rise to new levels. New technologies and capabilities are making it easier than ever to shop online. Consumers are connected to mobile and online channels more so than ever before, making online shopping a more appealing choice for many. And more data and digital channels provide physical retailers with more ways to reach out to shoppers with personalised messaging and enjoyable experiences to tempt them into shops.

Shopping on Smartphones

Worldwide, some 5 billion people own a smartphone. This development means that online shops also must be able to offer a satisfactory customer experience on mobile devices. Nearly 30% of online purchases is completed using a mobile device. That means the download speed of your web pages is essential.  Why? Because 65% of online shoppers don’t want to wait longer than 3 seconds. Whello has experience in optimising online offerings.


When it comes to getting customers to buy your product via E-commerce, the best sales rep for your product could be your customer’s brother, hairdresser, or tennis partner. People are more likely to buy a specific product when their friends and family recommend it to them. In order to maximise your efforts, let Whello help you to increase the social aspects of your E-commerce site and encourage happy customers to share their experiences with others.

Multi-channel shopping

As well as optimising your site on smartphones, it is also important to have various touch points on your site. This is important because consumers do not use a single channel to shop for goods and services. This has given rise to the concept of multi-channel shopping, where consumer may start to shop on their mobile, and round it off on a tablet or even in a physical shop. In E-commerce, personalisation towards the customer is key.

Content marketing

Content marketing is ever more crucial in both retail and E-commerce. Offering content can be achieved in a variety of ways. Statistics show that 96% of online shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if there is a video about the product. Images and long tail keywords are also important to reach niche markets and targeted audiences. Whello can help you make it easier for consumers to find your product or service.

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